Quick Turn Powder Coating is a job shop painter established to provide our customers with one or two day lead times. Our customers include OEM manufacturers requiring thousands of pieces to customers that walk in with one or two parts for motorcycle, race car or a home repair project.

Short lead times are made possible by a system custom designed and manufactured for us by Rapid Engineering, a leading US manufacturer of powder coating systems.

The system uses a conveyor that transports parts through the process. Parts travel through our multi stage wash system, into the dry off oven, through one of three paint booths, then into the cure oven. Quick color changes are achieved by sliding the paint booths on and off line. Paint booths off line are cleaned and setup for the next color while painting is being done in the booth that is on line. This innovative design ensures our ability to efficiently paint a single part or thousands of parts. Additionally, all paint booths have the ability to reclaim the paint which can have a dramatic impact on part cost.

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